Poker For Beginners


Poker is one of the most popular games that have widely been accepted by all the casinos of the world. Its growing popularity can be judged from the fact that daily millions of people play poker. The word poker itself is searched over 1 million times a day. Due to its enormous demand poker has been made available on the Internet. Yes! This is true. You can even play poker online. But still I have found a lot of people are scared of this game because they think it is a game of chance and they will loose their money. But that’s not true. If you believe me then poker, rather than a probabilistic game, is a strategy game which involves presence of mind and ability to make right decision. I bet if you have the right attitude, skills of this game and can stay calm then no one can beat you in this game. I know many people who make a living by just playing poker. Poker is a game of strategy that can easily be learned and applied. Knowing the right strategy, necessary skills and a little awareness about when to play and when not, you will be seeing stack of chips at your side. It is a game and so you must realize that you can not win every time. You may have bad hands and so you must know when to pull out. The best part of this game is that you can learn all these.

Like any other game, poker is a game of skill and you should be a master of these in order to excel in this game.

Basic rules – Texas Hold’em

Many of you may be familiar with the cards game called Poker, which is known by different names. One such amazing new version is played in Texas Holdem, which is the most popular one. After the initial blinds & antes (see explaination below) have been placed, each player gets 2 personal blind cards which cannot be seen till the final showdown.

Anticipation, accompanied with experience comes into play during the first round of betting called FLOP where 3 community cards are turned over. The TURN and the RIVER card, 4th and 5th in succession are exposed turn by turn after each round of Betting.

When its time for showdown, each player uses his intelligence to make the best possible 5 card combination using personal and community cards.

Every player gets a chance to deal once in a round. Preferably, everyone likes to use his blinds but antes are always there at your disposal.

Here’s a rank of which hands are the best:Full list of poker hands

Explanation of the term blinds:

Forced bets, only required of two players rather than all players at the table. In holdem there are two kinds of blinds:

1. Small Blind, The smaller of two forced bets. Usually 1/2 the minimum opening bet.

2. Big Blind, The larger of two forced bets. Usually equal to the minimum opening bet.

Seven Card Stud – Another variation of Poker

The most common variant of poker played online and in casino’s is Five Card Stud or Texas Hold’em. However, Seven Card Stud is another popular variation of the game of Poker. It is just as good and interesting a game to play, but possibly is less popular because of the difference in the way the cards are dealt and the number of betting rounds that take place making it a slightly longer game to play.

It’s important to remember that no matter which variant of poker you play certain things always remain the same. The object of the game is always to try and win the money placed into the pot, and the order that hands score in also always stays the same, so even if you are playing a variant that you’ve never played before, you will always be safe in this basic knowledge, and can concentrate on where the games vary instead.

As I mentioned before the cards for Seven Card Stud are dealt differently to those for Five Card Stud. The two games begin the same way with the dealer dealing two cards face down to each player, and then an initial betting round is played. At this point the game deviates from Five Card Stud however as no community cards are dealt. Instead each player is then dealt Five more individual cards one per round with a betting round between each deal. So cards 1 and 2 have been dealt together as the hole cards face down. Then cards 3, 4, 5 and 6 are dealt one face up to each player one per round. After the betting that follows card 6 being dealt, the final cards are dealt again one to each player, but this time face down again. The final betting round then takes place, and then comes the showdown. As with most poker variants, players are betting on the best five card hand that they can make.

With a total of six rounds of betting per game, the play does take longer for each game, and some people do find this a bit more frustrating as it creates a slower game. However for some people this added betting and the fact that the seventh card is face down instead of face up means that they find it more interesting and challenging to play, and usually it means that there is more money in the pot at the end of the game as well which many people find an improvement.

Obviously with seven cards being dealt per person rather than two per person plus five central cards less people can participate in any single game. For some people this is a good thing, for others less so. Really it’s just a matter of taste as both games can be fast or slow moving and the potential to win is still very variable. If you want more information please use this Beginners Poker Guide, it is a fine guide where you can learn plenty about poker.

More poker variations:

– Stud Poker Variations

– How to play Omaha Poker

Strategy tips and other facts you must know!

Now before you waste any of your money in poker I personally advise you to do the following:

– Just search a little about poker and gain some experience. Otherwise you will end up losing a huge amount of money.

– You have to possess some poker skills before you start play casino games like poker live in the casinos or online. There are many tutorial softwares available or you can play friendly to improve your skill. The motive is to gain some hand on experience in the game before actually risking your money.

– Once you believe you have the required knowledge and skill you can play poker and win money. I suggest playing in established and trusted Internet poker rooms. Take advantage of the poker bonuses and marketing codes.

– Also make sure to sign up through a reliable company to receive your rakeback each month.

– Lastly I would say addiction of poker is detrimental and so do not get addicted to this game. It is very common to have poker addictions and you will realize after it has affected you aversely.

Where to play?

If you keep all these points in mind there is absolutely no reason why you can’t play poker. All you need now is a credit card. I will suggest few sites such as Titan Poker, Pokerstars and Skypoker – Online Poker (all these are trusted Casinos). I have seen many people reluctant to try gambling poker because they doubt at the security of poker websites. But I ensure those people that there are various websites that are not dubious and all your money is at the safe the hands.

The highest cash games online can be found at Full Tilt Poker. The high stake tables here are every rail birds dream and they flock in thousands to see the spectacular poker action were hundreds of thousands of dollars can change hands in a single pot. When it comes to live Tournaments, WSOP is the biggest. The big poker boom took place as Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event in 2003 after qualifying from an online poker tournament.

With the right strategy and tips from the seasoned poker players, one can be a master in this game. If you are a beginner learning the skills of game may require some time but once you grasp the fundamentals of poker you will turn out to be a real master. I have tried to put some of my experiences that can be beneficial for you, especially if you are a beginner. Not only does the skill come into how you play the poker game, its also how you get the most out of online gambling casinos. When you register and deposit with an instant play casino make sure you get the best poker bonus code available. Look for the best deals as they change all the time. Nowadays you can play on your mobile also, see Canadian mobile casino games for alternatives. Games that are available are the same easy to play and well designed games as those that are available at the online casino.

Tip 1: Playing more is NOT winning more

I have seen most of the beginners try to play every hand. They just want to be the part of action even when they are having a bad hand. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes. Always remember playing more doesn’t ensure winning more. Patenice in poker is probably the hardest thing to master. You should learn when to quit otherwise you will see yourself running out of money.

Tip 2: Strike hard when you know you are going to win

Everyone in the game of poker has his share of good and bad hands. The real winners of the game make sure that they win with huge margins while lose smaller than average pots. If you have a good hand during the play then plan your bets to win as many of your opponents chips as you can. This is your time and you realize this. Try to make as much money as you can by playing cautiously. On the contrary playing the game with vulnerable hand is not viable and so do your best to loose the least.

Tip 3: Bluffing is not science

Bluffing is an integral part of poker. It is more of an art. But you should be cautious while bluffing. Bluffing is when a player with a weak hand forces another player with a stronger hand to fold. Bluffing is a real fun. But it can be harmful if you do not know how to bluff. You need to understand bluffing works in certain situations and against certain people. There is NO rule that one must bluff. So use it if you are very sure and confident about it. Don’t bluff just to bluff. At the same time do not miss any profitable bluffing opportunity.

Tip 4: Don’t stay in a hand just because the pot has some of your chips

Another very common mistake that most beginners tend to make is that they do not pull out after putting money in the pot. Well they think if they have already put so much money in the pot that they have to stay now. But this is not the way. If you know that you cannot win then staying in the game would merely aggravate your losses. Throwing more and more money in the pot does not mean that you will win. In fact you will loose the big way. If you are very much sure that you are beaten then folding straightway is the best option. Try not to loose your money when you have a weak hand.

Tip 5: Don’t play poker when you are sad.

Poker is certainly not an escape route to your depression. Many people believe that after a game of poker their mood will change. But this is not so. I would say you should not play poker when you are in a bad mood. Poker is a strategy game that has lot to do with presence of mind. Playing poker half-heartedly or emotionally will only ruin your pocket. So do not play poker when you know you are not at your best. There is a more chance that fellow players will take advantage of it and eventually you will get more depressed at the end of the day.

Tip 6: Read your opponents

One of the best things that you can do to make profit is to watch your opponents, even when you’re not playing. If you get familiar with the game of your opponent you can take advantage of it when needed, especially when you are bluffing.

For example if you know that one of your opponents always raises in a certain position and another one folds to every re-raise, you can use this information to play against them. Once you know that player X always folds to a re-raise on a river, that’s when you can bluff and steal a pot.

Reading the game of your opponent is a crucial part of poker and if you are good at it then you can outshine others. Knowing how your opponent play is great piece of information and can change your destiny if you use it properly.

Tip 7: Play according to your opponents

You should be flexible enough while playing poker. Just try to read the game of your opponents and accordingly adapt your game. If you see that your opponents are playing tight then raise more, and if they are in a habit of making call frequently then avoid bluffing but raise larger amounts with a solid hand. Conversely if your opponent is too loose then you need flat call more often, think through the changes to your play that will take maximum advantage of their style.

Tip 8: Do not play same kind of a game

Just as you are trying hard to read your opponent’s game- your opponent is thinking the same way- your opponent is trying the same thing on you. So do not play the same type of game. Instead vary your game to such an extent that it becomes really hard for your opponent to read your game. This can be one by reacting in different ways with same type of hand, varying the time you need to think or changing your bet sizes, etc. In this way your opponent will never be able to predict your game and many a times he is likely to misread your hand, leading to greater profits for you. This will also help you when you are bluffing.

Tip 9: Don’t be a fish amongst the sharks.

Lastly I would say play the right game depending on your bankroll and skill. Don’t over estimate yourself. If you are winning at $2/4 at a consistent rate does not mean that you will win at $5/10. Play according to your skill level. Try to be the best at the table. After all you are playing poker to make money and when you are making piles at a lower level game, why move? One of the reasons you shouldn’t jump at high level at once is that if you win huge amount at high level you loose it all there. Secondly as the level of poker increases, so does the stakes and hence the average skill level of your opponents. So prepare yourself to the fullest before you play high stakes poker game. In the beginning, sign up for no deposit bonuses so you can try out the game for free.

Tip 10: Learn from Mistakes

A successful man is one who learns from his mistakes. So just analyze your game when it is over. Look for those hands where you played well and see if there is any other better way to play in such a situation. Also reach out those situations when you failed and find out the reason of your failure. The time spent in self analysis will improve your game and you will be earning more in the future poker games.

Last but not the least; you must realize that poker is game. One has to win and others have to loose. Over the time you will found yourself on both sides. SO make sure you don’t have any enemies while leaving the room no matter whether you won or lost. Overall, don’t insult other players when you’re up or moan when you’re down – just keep your emotions to yourself. After all, it’s just a game.

Play Poker for Free?

If you are going to play poker games in either tournaments or cash games, then you need to know what you are doing first. It only takes a little while each day to learn poker and you can play that hour for free, and then you can start making some real money. The beauty of online poker is that like other online gambling it is far more convenient and offers the same chance of winning. Free poker is quite different then for example free bingo, as poker is a game of skill you can actually win money without making any bet! Freerolls does work for this purpose, tournaments with free entries.

But remember, what the free poker games won’t teach you is that aggression is the name of the game. Many players get caught up in wanting to just check and call their way until the river. When you play this kind of poker, you are going to be both throwing away chips when you don’t have the best hand and failing to maximize your value when you do have the best hand. One principle that you need to have a firm understanding of is that if your cards are good enough to be calling, then you need to be thinking about a raise.

Playing on a mobile device

The UK mobile online casino has become increasingly popular in recent years. This popularity is due both to the increasing sophistication of the casino games that are offered as well as the improvements in technology that have resulted in more advanced mobile devices with larger screens and touch screen functions. Playing on a mobile device is also big in many other countries.